Breakthrough Fibromyalgia and CRPS Treatment with IV Ketamine


The Florida Spine Institute announces today, Dr. Ashraf Hanna will be appearing on the first week of each month on the CBS 10NEWS LIVE TV show in the Tampa Bay area at 9:00 am EST to discuss his treatments, procedures, and to spread awareness of chronic pain conditions along with patient interviews.

Dr. Hanna is a board certified physician and is the director of pain management at the Florida Spine Institute in Clearwater, Florida.

“I have been practicing pain management at the Florida Spine Institute for the last 20 years. I have seen and treated many patients who suffer from back, neck, hip, knee pain as well as chronic pain associated with Fibromyalgia, CRPS/RSD, Lyme, Peripheral Neuropathy, Phantom Pain, and many other conditions.” Stated Dr. Hanna.

Dr. Hanna continues: “The Florida Spine Institute offers multi-disciplinary treatment modalities from simple acupuncture, physical therapy, a comprehensive wellness program, medication management, psychiatric care, and interventional pain management procedures such as steroid injections and minimally-invasive surgery. We can customize the right treatment for each patient, instead of being limited to only one minimally-invasive procedure like laser spine surgery.”

“Our Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant has helped a lot of patients by basically using a small, implantable device to replace pain with a more pleasant sensation. We use it to treat patients with intractable back pain and have had failed back surgery as well as peripheral neuropathy and CRPS.”

“Radiofrequency Ablation or RFA is a cutting edge treatment we offer our patients. RFA is better than laser spine surgery, in the sense that it uses smaller needles, so it is less invasive and is covered by insurance. We use it to treat not only neck and back pain, but also hip and knee pain.”

“IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy is the latest breakthrough treatment that is having extraordinary results. This is an excellent treatment for patients suffering from CRPS/RSD, which is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. CRPS/RSD is a devastating disease and one of the most painful of conditions. The pain is complex and the patient has a lot of hypersensitivity- even touching the bed sheets can result in excruciating pain. The pain is out of proportion to the original injury. There is also swelling, temperature changes, skin color changes, as well as weakness and atrophy of the muscles.

“IV Ketamine blocks receptors in the brain that are responsible for releasing chemicals that cause inflammation of the nervous system, which in turn cause these symptoms. It is very effective in treating CRPS, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease and Treatment-Resistant Depression with excellent results.”

Charles Mattocks’ mom, who is the sister of the late Bob Marley, has been suffering from CRPS for nearly 8 years. She began seeing Dr. Hanna at the Florida Spine Institute and is steadily improving. Throughout her treatment, Charles has been filming a CRPS documentary, Trial By Fire.

About Florida Spine Institute
Florida Spine Institute is the leading, and one of most trusted, medical facilities specializing in pain management, neurology, and surgery in Tampa Bay. Florida Spine Institute has a multi-disciplinary spine care team, with board certified diagnostic, medical, and surgical specialists that provide the most advanced care available.

About Charles Mattocks and Trial By Fire
Charles Mattocks is a celebrity chef, author, director, filmmaker, and is also the nephew of Bob Marley. Charles’ new documentary, Trial By Fire, is a movie about his mother’s struggle with CRPS.

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