GB Sciences Completes Nanotechnology Transfer of Exclusively-Licensed, Cannabinoid-Based, Time-Released Neuropathic Pain Formula


GB Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB: GBLX) has completed the technology transfer for the manufacturing of time-released nanoparticles containing a cannabinoid-based therapeutic for neuropathic pain from the University of?Seville. As announced in Q4 of 2017, GB Sciences has obtained the exclusive worldwide license to the intellectual property covering this time-released cannabinoid formulation from the University of?Seville?(“USE”), the Centro de Investigaci?n Biom?dica en Red de Salud Mental (“CIBERSAM”) and the University of Cadiz (“UCA”). These cannabinoid-based nanoparticles have demonstrated sustained relief from neuropathic pain for eleven days following a single oral dose in rodents.

GB Sciences Completes Nanotechnology Transfer of Exclusively-Licensed, Cannabinoid-based, Time-Released Neuropathic Pain F

This product could really be a game-changer for patients who suffer from neuropathic pain. We are eager to begin manufacturing these licensed nanoparticles in the US; thus, continuing the development and commercialization of this important therapeutic option,” explained Dr.?Andrea Small-Howard, Chief Science Officer of GB Sciences. “Because cannabinoids are lipid-based and highly-labile, nanotechnology-based delivery methods are particularly useful in improving the bioavailability, stability, and consistency of dosing for these powerful therapeutic molecules?especially for treating chronic conditions like neuropathic pain where patients want to have continuous relief from fewer doses of their medicine.”

During their recent technology transfer trip in?Seville, Dr. Small-Howard and Dr.?Dominick Monaco?of GB Sciences were trained by Dr. Mercedes Fern?ndez Ar?valo and Dr. Luc?a Mart?n Banderas of USE on all aspects of cannabinoid-based nanoparticle manufacturing, quality control, and freeze-drying for product stability and ease of transport. In addition, GB Sciences has an on-going research collaboration with this group at USE, and they have reported progress towards creating similar time-released versions of GB Sciences’ proprietary myrcene-based complex mixtures for use in treating chronic pain.

When we find motivated researchers improving the delivery of cannabis-based medicines, like the I+DNanomed group from USE, we form international research partnerships to create drugs that will likely become first-in-class,” said?John Poss, CEO and Chairman of GB Sciences. “So of course, we didn’t just license their existing technology, we also engaged them in our development process to improve the efficacy of our other proprietary formulations.

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