NY State Medical Marijuana: A Prognosis


As of?March 27th, 2018, the NY State Medical Marijuana Program has 1,529 Registered Practitioners, or Prescribers and 49,215 Patients since its legislation in 2014, creating an average of approximately 12,000 patients registered yearly- a small number considering the 8.5 million NY-State Residents. Due to this, we looked to ask one of the leading Medical Marijuana Prescribers, Dr. Krishna about the program and his prognosis. When asked, Dr. Krishna said he sees this increasing as time goes on due to several reasons including community acceptance, medical proof, and cost efficiency. Elaborating, he went on to say:

“The use of medical marijuana across NY state and throughout?the United States?will have to increase in its footprint, and will also most certainly increase in its utility because of remarkable outcomes we are seeing in patients with chronic neurological conditions. We have patients who have had difficulty obtaining satisfactory improvement with conventional therapies go on to achieve up of 60% pain reduction in cases, and some because of such even be able to return to work. In regards to the future for? medical marijuana as a treatment modality; it ultimately will have some form of insurance coverage in the near term (~5 Years) due to it’s rapid acceptance in the medical and patient communities for treating chronic degenerative neurological, and non neurological conditions.”

This statement in many ways echoes not only what Dr. Krishna’s study titled “Efficacy Adherence, And the Barriers to Care: A Survey of Our Patient’s Experience with the?New York State?Medical Marijuana Program”, including a growing compliance/acceptance as per the study: “22% were non-adherent?primarily because of cost” and a significant pain reduction: “In Neuropathy patients, the average pain rating went from 8.1 to 4.5, an approximately 56% decrease.”, but what many in communities where Medical Marijuana is legalized are saying.

While legislation and political opinions vary, one thing seems certain when asking Medical experts such as Dr. Krishna, it is only a matter of time until Medical Marijuana is adapted into modern-medicine and used on a much broader scale.

For now though?

Prognosis: Guarded.

Dr.?Ranga Chelva Krishna?is a private practice Neurologist & Pain Specialist and is the current Chief of Neurology and Director of Stroke for NY Community hospital. Dr.?Ranga Chelva Krishna?has founded several companies serving his diversified medicinal interests, including but not limited to IPharmatrials a Pharmaceutical company to assist in the development of drugs for terminal diagnosis utilizing Medical Marijuana and MedicalClinicsOfNYC which provides both specialty and primary health care services.

Dr.?Ranga Krishna?currently holds several patents for Medical Marijuana for usage in conditions such as Cachexia, Epilepsy, and Chronic Pain.

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